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20 March 2016
posted by Canon Dakin on 25-03-2016

Palm Sunday

I have told you before of the woman who commissioned a painting of the crucifixion, requiring the artist to put her into the picture, because, she said, I was in his mind when he died. If we were to be fitted into that scene would we be like the disciples in Gethsemane, closing our eyes to the suffering of Christ? Are we like Pilate, who sees clearly enough the situation of the man in front of him but washes his hands of the consequences? Are we like Peter and the disciples who stood at a distance not wishing to seem to be involved? When our Christian values are under attack are we afraid to defend them?   Do we pray like Mary, that even when we fail to understand, watching the suffering of the innocent, we may trust the loving wisdom of God?

Christ’s passion continues today in those with whom he identifies. I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was sick, I was in prison. We are not able to evade his gaze. We are not able to avoid involvement. We must ask ourselves what part are we playing. Are we closing our eyes? Denying any interest? Or like Mary, accepting to play our part. We may be sure of this - that we are always in his mind because he cares about us.    

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