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28 February 2016
posted by Canon Dakin on 14-03-2016

3rd Sunday of Lent

Abraham lived about 2000 years before our Lord; Moses we may put about 700 years later, so round about 1300. The stories that were told about both of them were not written down until about 800 years after the death of Moses. Looking back over the Old Testament there were two outstanding incidents in the history of the Jews: the escape from slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses and the destruction of Jerusalem in the 6th century when the people were taken off into exile in Babylon. The Babylonian exile we remember during Advent because it was then that the prophets directed their attention to the coming of the Messiah who would restore their kingdom and the Messiah, we believe, was born on Christmas Day to be the founder of a spiritual kingdom. It is during Lent that we think of Moses who led the Israelites to freedom by crossing over water which Christians saw as a symbol of Baptism.  Before they left Egypt they were saved from death by the blood of a lamb sprinkled on their door posts - which has become for Christians a symbol of the blood of Christ shed on the cross.  Our Lord’s crucifixion took place on Jewish feast of Passover which marked the anniversary of their escape from Egypt - when they passed over from slavery to freedom after the avenging angel had passed over their houses sprinkled with the blood of the lamb.

God used the people of Israeland their history to prepare for the coming of his Son. Their hope of a Messiah created an air of expectancy, whilst the feast of Passoverwas the setting for the death of Jesus; he became the paschal lamb whose blood saved his people as he passed over through death into a new world which now is our world.                  

from Amanda Fulkerson posted on 05-10-2017


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from Belle posted on 28-06-2017


Every Sunday is a blessing from the Holy Spirit, each homily represents the life of God. A piece of advice and story that we can all relate and learn too. Something that people from loves reading and listening too on a weekly basis.


from Bemis posted on 15-06-2016


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