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21 February 2016
posted by Canon Dakin on 03-03-2016

2nd Sunday of Lent

In this week’s Catholic Herald Ann Widdecombe writes: We are Lenten wimps. What standards of comparison might there be? Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar.  During that month Muslims fast from food and drink from dawn till dusk. They keep the fast in memory of the revelation they believe God made to Mohammed.  That is a serious fast: they take nothing whatever during the hours of daylight and since it is a law for the whole community they support each other in observing it.  Our Lent was once comparable. The Roman Lent centred on the Mass which was celebrated by the Pope at 3.00 every afternoon in a different church each day. The people fasted all day until they returned home after Mass. Not everyone could fit into the one church and priests in the various parish churches would start their Mass a little later so that an acolyte would have time to bring from the Pope’s Mass a fragment of the Host the Pope had consecrated to be placed in the priest’s chalice as a sign of their unity in Christ. For us, our Lenten fast is an individual choice - if we choose to fast at all. Ours is the easy option.  Fasting is significant, a hint that we are not locked into the things of this world. We have a vision that takes us beyond the stars. Our Lord’s transfiguration contains a promise of our future when through death and resurrection we shall enter into a new sphere and Moses and Elijah on the mountain were discussing the way that future life would be made possible for us.  They were telling Jesus that now was the time when he was to set in motion the events that would lead to his death. When Jesus came down from the mountain, St Luke tells us that he set his face towards Jerusalem. There he was to meet the challenge of voluntary crucifixion. How many sleepless nights did he have, oppressed by images of that terrible death. Fasting is good, especially if connected with charitable giving, but it can be rather self-centred. An alternative, perhaps, would be to discipline our minds. When you are waiting for a bus, when you are walking alone along a road - what do you think about? A decade of the rosary takes just two minutes. To use those spare moments during the day, emptying the mind of its musings, to contemplate the sufferings of Our Lord, using the Rosary to advantage, would be a spiritual fast that would be so appropriate to this time of Lent when we accompany Our Lord on his way to Jerusalem and death, Moved possibly by his loving generosity in giving up his life for us we might be inspired to respond by putting ourselves out for others. That is the spirit of Lent.

In any case we tend to go through the day switched off from God. To have snatches of God centredness during the moments when we are quiet and alone can give us the motivation we need to make more consistently right choices.                                           


from Sol posted on 10-07-2017


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