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15 November 2015
posted by Canon Dakin on 16-11-2015

The world is in a mess. There are civil wars in Africa and the Middle East. In many countries minorities are being persecuted on account of religion or race. Natural disasters are commonplace; earthquakes, floods, drought. Ethiopia is presently experiencing the worst drought ever recorded; millions there are needing food aid. There has been the Ebola crisis. Global warming is menacing our climate.

This state of things is simply an historic variation. I have been reading a life of St Thomas a Becket.  If you were thinking of the Middle Ages as an age of chivalry - forget it. The myth of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table was a romantic creation. Thereality was brutal. The business of kings and barons was to go to war to enrich themselves by enlarging their territory. It was the ordinary people, defenceless, who suffered- their homes destroyed, their crops burned. Plague was ever present - notoriously the Black Death. Amidst the doom and gloom, wars and rumours of wars, plagues and famine, there have been those who have matched their experience with the gospel and claimed to see the signs of the end of the world, in spiteof our being told that speculation is a waste of time. Our Lord gives a broad tip using the image of the fig tree. You know that a change is coming. Just be ready for when it comes. 

from WadeZack posted on 31-07-2017


War was not a genuine answer for any issue. It just demonstrates the cash control between two nations. It regards enhance peace amongst countries and that Coursework Writing Australia prompts a delightful world. It is a normal say that each war passes on just disaster and hardships to the all inclusive community and this has been upheld constantly.


from kevinkruse posted on 20-07-2017


The arena is in a large number. There are civil wars in Africa and the middle East. In many countries minorities are being persecuted as a consequence of faith or race. Herbal disasters are not unusual My Coursework Help; earthquakes, floods, drought. Ethiopia is presently experiencing the worst drought ever recorded; millions there are desiring meals aid. There was the Ebola disaster. International warming is menacing our weather.


from Tessa posted on 14-03-2017


The real effect of the war has been affected by common people like minorities rather than the high authorities. War was not a real solution to any problem. It just shows the money power between two countries. It is good to improve peace between nations and that leads to a beautiful world. dry cleaners near by


from sussan betcher posted on 23-01-2017


A war always brings sorrows, troubles and tears. It was dreadful to watch the horrific costs in the deaths of thousands of civilians, and of soldiers sent to kill and be killed in wars.. We should be ashamed of such brutal acts and should be aware about the severe after effects a war can bring to the world. texas rv resort


from WatsonZion posted on 30-12-2016


The reality of the matter is that war doesn't give any sort of answers for the issues rather it influences severely to the everyday citizens. War will dependably purpose harms and it severely influences a nations economy. I think these sorts of catastrophes immensely HR Research Paper Writing influence minorities as opposed to government. It is a typical say that every war conveys just misfortune and hardships to the general population and this has been advocated all the time.


from Alexandra posted on 29-12-2016


It is true that war doesn’t provide any kind of solutions to the problems rather it affects very badly to the common people. War will always cause damages and it badly affects a countries economy. I think these kinds of disasters hugely affect minorities rather than government. seo training in kochi


from lionel posted on 28-12-2016


It is a common say that each war brings only loss and hardships to the people and this has been justified very often. It is the common people who are affected the most because of the greedy attitudes of a few rulers. android tablet wholesale


from Jennifer Peterson posted on 17-11-2016


It is very much true about what you have said through this article. Wars are fought never for the benefit of the people and protection but to serve some groups greedy interests. And it is always the people who have to pay the prices for their evil ambitions by giving their lives and livelihood. face mask for dry skin


from Kelly McCarthy posted on 17-11-2016


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from Depolsop Depolsop posted on 16-08-2016


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