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8 November 2015
posted by Canon Dakin on 15-11-2015

The passage from the story of Elijah was chosen because it shows a widow with the same generous disposition as the widow in the gospel. It is the second reading that catches my eye. Christ, our High Priest, does not have to offer himself again and again, he offers himself only once to take the faults of many on himself.  That once only offering of Christ on Calvary became a point of contention at the Reformation.  The Reformers accused Catholics of having Christ repeating the offering of himself in the sacrifice of the Mass. They failed to appreciate what a sacrament is.  It is the once and for all sacrifice of Calvary that Our Lord makes present sacramentally under the signs of bread and wine. He does nothing. It is for us to take all the love expressed in his death for us on the cross, re-presented here, and offer it to the Father for the sake of the world. It is the one sacrifice of Calvary that now becomes our offering.


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