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28 June 2015
posted by Canon Dakin on 02-07-2015

Peter and Paul sealed their profession of faith by martyrdom at Rome round about the year 65. The Church at that time was served and sometimes plagued by itinerant preachers. The apostles themselves seem to have established a more settled structure for the churches they had founded. Paul ordained Titus to be bishop of Crete and Timothy, his other helper, became bishop of Ephesus.  Ignatius of Antioch is an interesting case. He may have been appointed by St Peter himself as bishop there. When Ignatius was being conveyed under guard to face martyrdom 1n the Colosseum at Rome, he wrote a series of letters to churches on his route and in each one he presumes there will be a responsible bishop with priests and deacons.  It was for each bishop to teach with authority the tradition he had received and if there was doubt or need of clarification it was for the bishops to meet together.  For Irenaeus, bishop of Lyons in France, there was a simpler way. If you wanted to check on authentic Church teaching, all you needed to do was to consult the faith of the Church at Rome on account, he said, of its more powerful principality. By that he meant that the community at Rome had been taught by the two greatest Apostles, Peter and Paul and would have maintained their tradition. That Roman primacy persisted and is accepted today. Not that the Bishop of Rome makes up his own mind about disputed doctrine. He is the head of the college of bishops.  They are there to be consulted and to say that the Pope is infallible merely means that what Jesus revealed about us and our relationship with God will never be lost.  The focus on Rome is the result of what we are celebrating today - the martyrdom of Peter and Paul during the persecution by Nero. The object of a pilgrimage to Rome is to kneel and pray at their tombs  

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from Diwali wishes posted on 06-10-2017


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Nice post. Paul and Peter, Christ's apostles are very famous.well said.The focus on Rome is the result of what we are celebrating today. non-deceptive marketing texts


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