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5 April 2015
posted by Canon Dakin on 08-04-2015

Easter Sunday

There is an Easter Egg which is called The Real Easter Egg - the box has been marked by a cross and contains a leaflet telling the story of the Resurrection.  Over the past five years a million of them have been sold. This year, Asda, Sainsbury’s and the Co-op have refused to stock it - presumably because it doesn’t meet their sales criteria, though one buyer wanted to know “What has Easter to do with the Church?”. He may have been aware of a poll among children which revealed that a third of them believed that Easter marked the birthday of the Easter bunny. The ignorance of what we once took for granted is quite amazing. I was watching a quiz show on TV recently and a young English woman had no idea of the significance of 1066. That wouldn’t prevent her from living a full life - but to miss out on the meaning of the death and resurrection of Our Lord is to go through life without a compass. If you don’t believe in heaven why deny yourself anything on earth?  If love is not defined by Christ’s love it may so easily become self-indulgence. Your measure of self-worth becomes the estimate of how you look, how you rate your achievement. We are thanking God today for our baptism - for our entry into the mystery of  Christ’s death and resurrection by which we ourselves become like him; we become divine, because we become children of God as Jesus is Son of God,  and so our standards, our values, must be his, giving us guidance and direction in life. It is so sad when you see children growing up without that knowledge in what was a Christian country.  A thousand years ago when few could read or write, when children rolled their eggs at Easter they knew that they were play acting - they were rolling the stone away from Christ’s tomb.  We have become so sophisticated and yet have lost the simple signposts which gave us direction in life. One can only applaud the initiative of those who planned and marketed the Real Easter Egg. We need to back any use of the media today  which offer to those who have lost it the key to the meaning of our existence, whilst today we thank God for our vision of what his providence means for us. And now we stand to promise once more to live by that vision in renewing the vows of our baptism.

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