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1 March 2015
posted by Canon Dakin on 06-03-2015

If you watch a serial on TV an episode may begin with an introduction headed ‘Previously’. If we apply ‘previously’ to the Transfiguration, Peter has made his declaration “You are the Christ. Jesus then has said ‘The Christ must suffer’. Now he takes three of his apostles up a mountain to hear Moses and Elijah speak of his suffering and see him transformed as though into another world.  This was what we might call fast- forwarding. ‘Not a word about this’, he told them, ‘Until I have risen from the dead’. What they had seen was a glimpse into the future. He would suffer and die and through death enter into his glory.

The gospel, the good news, is precisely this - that through death we shall be glorified with him, we shall share his glory.  What is our attitude to death? We may be apprehensive of dying, we are quite unable to foresee the circumstances, but entry into the after-life should surely hold no qualms. Do we not believe that God loves us with a love that is infinite, that God himself became man to share with us what he is as God? And we have already died.       We died sacramentally in baptism to rise from the water with resurrection life.  At Easter we celebrate the anniversary of our baptism - the beginning of our new relationship with God. God became a presence in our lives, so that we now interact with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is only this interaction with God which enables us to love as Jesus loves.  Jesus makes Easter, the mystery of his death and resurrection, present here at Mass.

As his existence is defined by his relationship to the Father and the Holy Spirit. In receiving Him we become, each of us, a tabernacle of the Bl. Trinity - but we are not as lifeless as a piece of metal.  God is active within us, becoming the source of our inspiration and strength. This divine presence in our lives is, in effect, already heaven - what is lacking is the awareness that one day will flood into our minds. This divine presence is the ultimate measure of the dignity of the human person and the single truth that underpins all the bishops have written in their guide to the election which will be given to you as you leave church this morning.  

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