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21 September 2014
posted by Canon Dakin on 26-09-2014

In one of the Catholic weeklies, a few weeks ago, there was a headline to the effect that the Church in this country has a great future. My reaction was rather sceptical, but the article, when I came to read it, was quite encouraging. It was a report of the twenty-fifth assembly at Walsingham of Youth 2000. This was the 25th consecutive gathering of young people for a week’s retreat, attended this year by over 1000 of them, centering on basics, the Mass and contemplative prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, the monstrance being raised on a structure illuminated with candles reminiscent of the burning bush which told Moses he was on holy ground.

I follow a blog put on line by a young lady of twenty, just entering, I think, her third year at university. I am going to read from it.

Support for young people like this, for movements such as Youth 2000, is implicit in the Bishops‘ appeal today, Home Mission Sunday, the object of today’s special collection.


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Well, it is good to hear that youngsters are coming into the frontier and are taking part in such gatherings. It shows that we haven’t lost them entirely and they still are in the path of Lord.
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