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4 May 2014
posted by Canon Dakin on 09-05-2014

2nd Sunday After Easter

So, according to St Paul, God has no favourites. ‘Tell that to the marines’, someone may say: ‘I’m certainly no favourite of his, others get much better treatment.‘  Have you not thought of how God treated his own Son? ‘Well, the Son wanted to be treated that way’. Really? ‘Father let this chalice pass me by - yet not my will but yours be done’.  But God has a special place for the down and outs, doesn’t He? Are they not his favourites?  The psalms are always lauding the poor.

The Conference of South American Bishops some years ago famously expressed their preferential option for the poor.  Surely Jesus was doing the same when he put first in his list of beatitudes: Blessed are the poor in spirit.

I have an Anglican friend who is not a woman priest but is qualified to give talks and hold discussions. I was talking to her during Lent and she was of the opinion that Jesus did not prefer the poor to the rich.  The rich, too, have souls and because of their obsession they are in greater danger than those who have no attachment. The rich surely represent the stray sheep for whom Jesuswas searching and for whom he was prepared to lay down his life.  Jesus considered every person to be worth his surrender on Calvary.  To imagine other people to be favoured by God because of an advantage on our human scale of values is like the child who accuses his father of favouritism becausehe’d rather have his brother’s present. Let’s face reality. Sure we bring with us anawareness of our different circumstances but here inthis place God’s Son gives himself to each one of us totally and therefore equally, and as often as we join with him in loving acceptanceof seeming misfortune, we, too, with him and through him, may change the world.  We are not in any position to estimate the meaning and value of our circumstances until with him we have passed through death to new life.

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