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2 March 2014
posted by Canon Dakin on 08-03-2014

Feast of Nicholas Owen

St Nicholas Owen was a victim of the Gunpowder Plot. He served Fr Garnet, the Superior of the Jesuits. The Goverment ws aware that Fr Garnet had been in touch with the plotters. He had. He had been so determined in his efforts to dissuade them that he had written to the Pope asking for a message to be sent forbidding violence of any kind. The fanatical plotters were not to be deterred but the plot was foiled. We who live at a time when we have to be on our guard against terrorists may imagine the shocked reaction of English people generally and how inevitably all Catholis became tarred with the same brush. It didn’t help that Engalnd’s enemies in those days, first Spain, then France, were Catholic powers, so the English who clung to their Cathoic faith were regarded as potential traitors. The penal laws were tightened.  So at the beginning of the 18th cent. Catholics had to pay a double land tax; they were debarred from all professions; they were legally unable to inherit or to purchase land; they were forbidden to keep arms or own a horse worth more than £5; they were subject to a fine if they sent their children to be educated abroad.

So take the case of an eldest son. Normally he would inherit the family property at the death of his father, but he has a Protestant cousin who is just waiting to step into his shoes. The only way he can ensure his inheritance is by defecting,  and becoming an Anglican. Take the case of a younger son. His education abroad at St Omers or Doui would have fit him to enter a profession He was barred because he would have had to take an oath which involved a denial of his Catholic faith.  In order to acquire an income which would enablr him to marry he would have to ditch his faith. What would you have done? It wasn’t just men who were affected. If you travel through Lunesdale on the road which follows the river between Lancaster and Hornby you pass thrugh the village of Claughton where, apart from the brickworks, the most prominent building is the Fenwick Arms.  In the 18th cent. Anne Fenwick, a Catholic, had been happily married to a Protestant, for a short time only - he died young. A Protestant cousin of his claimed the property which otherwise would have been hers as a widow. It was the law. She took her case to the House of Lords and won but it was precarious to be a faithful Catholic in those days and there were sensible people who could foresee that, after all the years of defiance, the faith might die out in England because of the pressure on young people to defect. A watchful governement made it clear, meanwhile, that there were good jobs waiting for defectors. Unexpectedly the Church  did not fade away and revived in the 19th century with fresh vigour.


I am flying a kite. I intend to give three talks during Lent on what it was like to be a Catholic in England when Jane Austen, for instance, was writing Pride and Predjudice, because, I think, there are parallels with our situation today.  

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