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8 May 2016
posted by Canon Dakin on 15-05-2016

The Ascension was not a simplereturn home, mission accomplished; it was the final accomplishment of Jesus’ mission, the final piece in God’s plan for humanity. God’s design was for us to share his happiness.  That was quite beyond our capacity - beyond the capacity of any creature.  In Jesus God became man.  In him, at his Ascension, our humanity entered into his relationship with his Father, therelationship which is the very nature of God, the basis of God’s life and love and happiness.  So the Ascension is an essential partof our human story.  Our future was mapped out when Jesus, took his place at the right hand of his Father, not only mappedout but actually brought into being.  Today is the completion of what is called the paschal mystery, thetransition of Jesus, through death, to a new world. Today that new world, God’s world, became our world.  Today is a day of great joy for the whole human family.

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from Sol posted on 31-05-2017


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from Emiley Jo posted on 01-09-2016


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from Joyl posted on 15-05-2016


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