An Easter Poem

A Poem by Domomic Hyland

Announced by angels on a crisp, clear night
Our Saviour sprang from a virgin womb,
Denounced by his people, overwhelmed by fright,
Our Saviour sprang from a virgin tomb.

These two great events declare the triumph of life,
Of joy out of sorrow
Of peace out of strife.
The message of Easter rings out loud and clear:
The pains we endure, the death that we face,
Can be borne with the promise of our Saviour's embrace.

The arms that stretched out on the wood of the cross
Were there, after Easter, for the doubting Thomas.
"Touch my hands, see my side, believe as before,"
And Thomas replied, "You are the God I adore."

Take heart and have hope, accept any loss,
For, though it is true that Jesus died on the cross,
The story of Easter, unique and sublime,
Is the story of the Master of space and of time