Breaking the Host!

Fraction of the Host at Mass

". ...why the use of individualised hosts is problematic. The practice ignores the " plot " presumed in the breaking of the bread. In the fraction rite one loaf is broken - it undergoes the physical transformation of fragmentation - after first having been 'eucharistized'or prayed over in thanksgiving, to be transformed yet again in communion, being shared and eaten by each of the body's members.','The message communicated when pre-individualized hosts are presented, prayed over, and distributed without sufficient emphasis on the fraction of a single loaf runs counter to a "one bread - one Body " configuration liturgically narrated through a series of transformations.The liturgy loses much of its effective potential to transform us when the symbolic action no longer includes all of the appropriate transformations.

Unbroken Host

From the narrative perspective, the use of hosts capitulates to a modern and postmodern pragmatic and consumerist view of time and liturgy, and reinforces individualism. A significant opportunity for the poetic and critical interplay of fragmentation and wholeness, which is likely to resonate very strongly with the inhabitants of our postmodern culture, is simply lost, thanks to this practice." (Worship, Jan.2003, p.39)

 Broken Host