The aim of the Children's Liturgy Group is to explain the meaning of the Mass and the Gospel in a way that is easy for the children to understand,.
Thomas, David and James are busy colouring pictures.
Getting ready to go back into church.
The Nicholas Owen Liturgy Group
This week’s  display is about the trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Children completing an activity at the table.
Jesus Loves Me Cartoon

 EWTN - Kids page

Verse of the Day
"Out of the mouths of Babes!"

After refusing his son's request for a bike a man added, "But if you pray hard you may have a younger brother to play with soon"
The young lad did pray but soon tired of it.
Eventually his father took him upstairs to show him not one but two little brothers. "Aren't you glad you prayed for a little brother," said the father.
"Yes" said the boy doubtfully, " but aren't you glad I stopped praying when I did?"

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"Out of the mouths of Babes!"_No 2

After being shown photographs of his parents' wedding a small boy said to his father:
"Was that when you got Mummy to come and work for us?"

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To Colour In
colouring picture
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Q. During which part of the Mass does the priest raise the chalice up, as shown in the drawing?.