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Faith Questions

'There are other web sites you may consult  if you want to explore aspects of our faith. You will find plenty to keep you occupied if you link to- www.secondspring.co.uk

You will find, for instance a hefty Q. and A. section under 'Young People', then 'Questions, Questions'"


Here is a sample of Questions.

Other useful web sites.

www.ignatius.com/books/davincihoax Some home truths for believers in the Da Vinci code

www.life4seekers.co.uk For those who are looking for the meaning of life.

www.cathport.com This is a kind of Catholic Yellow Pages giving access to Catholic resources around the globe.

www.columban.com Very good on Human Rights, Environment, Justice & Peace.

www.youth2000.org What young R.C.s are up to.

www.sacredspace.ie Prayer site run by Irish Jesuits. Pray as you sit at your computer.

www.paxchristi.org.uk Peace talk. Good section for adventurous youth.

Please share with us any discoveries of resources of Catholic interest. The Diocesan Directory has a page listing diocesan email addresses and web sites.